Duration : 40Hrs | Fee : 30000/-

Mode of Training: Online

  • Overview
  • Course Map
  • Course Fee
  • Placement Assistance
  • More Info.

SalesForce Overview

  • SalesForce is No 1 Cloud Computing Based CRM (Customer Relationship Management) Software based on Software-as-a-Service (S-a-a-S) concept where its customers are not required to buy/install any software or hardware at their premises & everything is online on Cloud & thus saves large money

  • Where it is Required ?

    • Marketing & Promotional Campaigns Generates Leads for Business which are converted into Sales.

    • Large Businesses Invests Billions of Dollars in such activities

    • But how much the campaign is effective and from where Companies are Getting Business is highly important so that they save their Money in non-effective Campaigns or Regions

    • SalesForce Plays a Major Role in deriving Meaningful insights on Effectiveness of Campaigns & Hence need of Large Organizations.


  • Overview
  • Cloud Computing Concepts
  • Object and Fields
    • Concepts and its relationship with traditional DBs
    • Various Data types
    • Tabs
    • Field history tracking
  • Relationships
    • Concepts
    • Look up Relationships and its impacts
    • Master detail relationship amd its impacts
    • Many to Many relationship
  • Security Implementation
    • Profiles and Permission Sets
    • Orgnization Wide Defaults
    • Sharing settings
      • Maual Sharing
      • Apex Managed Sharing
      • Sharing Rules
      • Industry Scenarios
  • Lead Management
    • Overview
    • Processing Leads
    • Conversions etc

Advanced Admin Concepts

  • Salesforce Point and Click Utilities
    • Validation Rules
    • Workflow Rules
    • Process Builders
    • Visual Flows
    • Approval Process
    • Page Layouts
    • Record Type
    • Compact Layouts
    • Layout assignments
    • Detail Page Custom Links and Buttons
  • Reports and Dashboard
    • Reporting Overview
    • Creating First Report
    • Sorting in Reports
    • Grouping in Reports
    • Creating Dashboards
  • Email Templates
    • Overview
    • Choosing templates for multiple purpose
    • Sending Emails
    • Email Relays
  • Sales Cycle
    • Opportunity Mangement
    • Campaign and Campaign members
    • Account teams / Sales Teams Opportunity Management
  • Basics of Support Cycle
    • Case Management
    • Knwoledge Management

Salesforce Development Core Concepts

  • Communities
    • Concepts
    • Enabling Communities
    • Customer vs Partner Community
    • Limitations and Costing
    • Various Community Templates
    • Configuration Of Napili Template
  • Connected Apps
    • Concepts
    • Usage
  • Data Management
    • Data Loader
    • Import Wizard
  • Visualforce Pages
    • Standard vs Custom Controllers
    • Pagination and standard set controllers
    • Custom Controllers and extensions
    • View States and Governor limits
    • Significant Apex Tags and known technical glitches
  • Apex Class
    • Controllers
    • Apex Triggers
    • Order of Executions and Subsequent Impact
    • Batch Apex
    • Schedule Apex

Salesforce Development Advanced Concepts

  • Lightning Components
    • Concepts
    • Lightning vs Visualforce
    • Lightning server side Issues
    • Locker services caution
    • Lightning Componnet Building
    • Lightning in Visualforce
  • Concept of Integrations
    • SOAP vs REST
    • Different Web services and Usage
    • REST Usage
    • JSON parsing and Type Casting
    • oAuth / Certificate based Authentification
  • Test Classes
    • Concepts
    • Best practices
    • Mock WSDLS
    • Concepts
    • Limits and Usage
    • various Known bugs and Workarounds
  • Case Studies to be Completed throughout the training

Fee Payment Plan :

GST : @ 18% Inclusive 

          Payment Plan

             Total Fee

       Registration Fee

         1st Instalment

        2nd Instalment

            Lump sum










In Lump Sum   

1st Installment    : Need to be Paid 7 Days Before the 1st Session.

In Installment :

1st Installment    : Need to be Paid 7 Days Before the 1st Session.

2nd Installment   : Need to be Paid in 7th Session .


NO COST EMI FACILITY AVAILABLE For 3 or 6 Months's EMI's ( Subject to Approval )

1. HR Session By Industry Expert 

     Involves -

     A) Linkedin Account Updation & Usage Training 

         1) To Increase the Connection with HR People in the Industry where  Hiring Keeps Coming of Your profile.

         2) To Connect with Managers / Heads  under whom the You People Work.

         3) Searching Jobs on LinekdIn and Connecting to HR Directly .

         4) How to come on Top 10 pages in Linkedin Search By HR/Consultants for ther openings .

     B) How to Optimize your account in Job Portals to come on the top 5 Pages of the Search via HR/Consultants to get maximum calls from the industry based on your profile.

     C) Preparing for the HR Round and Negotiation to finally grab the Best Possible Offer in the Industry .

          *Because Most of the Time we never Get to Know when Technical Round was Cleared, why we did not get confirmation from HR after the HR Round .

           Rather We get replies - I will get Back to you , I will Call You back , We will let you know , The Positon is on Hold due to some reasons.

2Resume Building  Assistance to get maximum Interview calls based on your existing experience and Knowledge Acquired during the Skill Enhancement training .

    For This Particular Service we expect Our Students to have at least 65% Technical Soundness in the Assessment tests conducted during the sessions and after the session.

3. Job Assistance for Candidates Scored More than 65% during our Assessments in following ways.

     A) Sharing Job Openings Directly to Candidates via sms /what’s App / Mail as per the JD and Candidates Profile.

     B) Sending for Interviews where HR/Consultants asked us to send Candidates directly for the Technical Round based on the JD.

     c) Connecting Students and HR/Consultants on Linekdin Directly as requested by them .

About our instructor:
– Our salesforce trainer is Real-time Working professional as a Salesforce Consultant.
– Has over 7+ years industry experience
– Trained more than 214+ Participants on Salesforce CRM.
– Teaching Corporate and Online Trainings.
– Certified in Salesforce CRM
– Popular Salesforce Trainer in India
– Expert in giving practical assignments along with training
– Helpful in assisting to solve problems
– Helps in Mock Interviews  and Interview Questions.

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