Duration : 40 Hrs | Fee : 25000/- + GST | Scholarship : Upto 10%

Mode of Training: Online

  • Overview
  • Course Map
  • Course Fee
  • Placement Assistance

What is SuccessFactors ?

SAP SuccessFactors is an American multinational company headquartered in South San Francisco, California, providing cloud-based software for human capital management using the Software as a service (SaaS) model.

Capabilities of SAP SuccessFactors 

The company breaks out its talent tools into modules in its SAP SuccessFactors HCM Suite. Capabilities include the traditional "four pillars" of talent management: recruiting, learning and development, performance management and compensation management. The suite also has on boarding and time and attendance software, as well as modules for workforce planning and people analytics

Employee Central is the core HR hub of the SAP SuccessFactors product line. It serves as the HR system of record, a data repository that stores information on each employee, such as address, Social Security or national identification number, salary and benefits enrollments. It may also contain regulatory compliance records, information about job titles (positions) and the reporting structure in the organization.

Introduction and basic provisioning set up exercises

  • Data models and DTDs
  • Employee Central Structure
  • Data model Management
  • Data model Associations
  • Enable employee central and RBP
  • Update employee details
  • ESS/MSS functionality
  • Understanding security
  • Managing security with RBP
  • EC as a system of record
  • EC Customizing and Populating Basic Foundation data
  • Customizing Country specific files in Foundation tables
  • Creating and modifying associations
  • Propagations
  • Importing users and data
  • Mass Changes
  • Customizing employee files
  • Customizing CSF for employee files
  • Position Management
  • Employee Central Reporting and Integration
  • EC Payroll Integration
  • MDF Overview
  • MDF Objects creation
  • Rules setup

Introduction to SuccessFactors

  • Introduction to provisioning
  • Introduction to Training instance
  • Assign company code to company
  • Admin Tools navigation
  • Employee data file
  • Permission - RBP/Non- RBP
  • Password Policies
  • Email notification
  • Text Replacement
  • Rating Scale and Route Map
  • Launch Forms
  • Employee Profile introduction
  • Picklist
  • Reports

Recruitment Management

  • Recruitment Instance setup
  • Candidate Statuses
  • Recruiting Roles
  • Job Requisition Functionality
  • Job Requisition - JRDM
  • Job Requisition permission
  • Candidate Profile
  • Candidate Application
  • Candidate Country fields
  • Picklist and JRDM,CDM, CPT
  • Candidate Screening
  • Candidate Competencies
  • Interview Central
  • Job Code entity and job role tag
  • Candidate search and candidate tag
  • Offers
  • Email Templates - recruiting emails, offers and
  • candidate status emails
  • Recruiting Admin
  • Recruiting Agencies
  • Equest - Jobvite
  • Mobile Recruiting , Data Privacy configuration country wise

Onboarding/Success Factors

  • Introduction to onboarding
  • Enable Features in onboarding
  • Super Admin setup
  • Web Services setup
  • Create Admin and setup RBP
  • Create Reports and Sync jobs
  • SSO Setup
  • Corporate Structure
  • Secruity setup
  • Setup Panel Designer - Custom validation using Javascript, regulare validation, advance condition
  • Custom Notification
  • Mapping Fields on Panels to PDF forms (pre-requisite ADOBE writer is required)
  • MDF customization for Day 1 user

Employee Central

  • EC overview
  • Setting up EC environment
  • EC Key features
  • EC data models
  • Introduction to Foundation Tables
  • Basic Foundation Table Configuration
  • Country Specific Configuration (CSF) for Foundation Tables
  • Country Specific Configuration (CSF) for Foundation Tables
  • Associations
  • Employee Data Overview
  • Basic Employee Data Import
  • Basic Employee Data Configuration
  • Country Specific Employee Data Configuration
  • Propagation
  • Mass Changes
  • Position Management
  • Self Service, Workflows, and Event Reason Overview
  • Employee Central Reporting
  • Global Assignment
  • Time Off

Fee Payment Plan :

GST : @ 18% 

          Payment Plan

             Total Fee

       Registration Fee

         1st Instalment

        2nd Instalment

            Lump sum

        23000/- + GST

         5000/- + GST

         18000/- + GST



        25000/- + GST

         5000/- + GST

         10000/-   + GST

         10000/- +GST

In Lump Sum   

1st Intsallment    : Need to be Paid 2 Days Before the 1st Session.

In Installment 

1st Intsallment    : Need to be Paid 2 Days Before the 1st Session.

2nd Installment   : Need to be Paid in 7th Session .

1. HR Session By Industry Expert 

     Involves -

     A) Linkedin Account Updation & Usage Training 

         1) To Increase the Connection with HR People in the Industry where  Hiring Keeps Coming of Your profile.

         2) To Connect with Managers / Heads  under whom the You People Work.

         3) Searching Jobs on LinekdIn and Connecting to HR Directly .

         4) How to come on Top 10 pages in Linkedin Search By HR/Consultants for ther openings .

     B) How to Optimize your account in Job Portals to come on the top 5 Pages of the Search via HR/Consultants to get maximum calls from the industry based on your profile.

     C) Preparing for the HR Round and Negotiation to finally grab the Best Possible Offer in the Industry .

          *Because Most of the Time we never Get to Know when Technical Round was Cleared, why we did not get confirmation from HR after the HR Round .

           Rather We get replies - I will get Back to you , I will Call You back , We will let you know , The Positon is on Hold due to some reasons.

2Resume Building  Assistance to get maximum Interview calls based on your existing experience and Knowledge Acquired during the Skill Enhancement training .

    For This Particular Service we expect Our Students to have at least 65% Technical Soundness in the Assessment tests conducted during the sessions and after the session.

3. Job Assistance for Candidates Scored More than 65% during our Assessments in following ways.

     A) Sharing Job Openings Directly to Candidates via sms /what’s App / Mail as per the JD and Candidates Profile.

     B) Sending for Interviews where HR/Consultants asked us to send Candidates directly for the Technical Round based on the JD.

     c) Connecting Students and HR/Consultants on Linekdin Directly as requested by them .

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