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Mode of Training: Online

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What is SAS?

SAS is a software developed by SAS Institute for advanced analytics in 1976. It is used to mine, manage and retrieve data from multiple sources and perform statistical analysis on it. It uses SAS language for advanced analysis. A point and click user interface for non-technical users was added in 2004. It has more than 200 components to do all sorts of data handling. SAS had developed a lot in recent years and now has an array of software products which uses statistical analysis for various purposes like fraud identification, risk modelling, scenario analysis etc.

Career opportunities  with SAS.

  • SAS Analyst
  • Business Analyst
  • Analyst 
  • Data Analyst
  • SAS programmer

Top 8 Reasons To Learn SAS



SAS software has proved itself as the market leader in providing a new generation of business intelligence software and services that creates true enterprise intelligence. The SAS Institute is the world’s largest privately held software company. It is also the only vendor that completely integrates leading data warehousing, analytics and traditional BI applications, to create intelligence from massive amounts of data. Isn’t that impressive!

SAS has a large part to play in the future of analytics and big data. Today everyone in the business world must be aware of the benefits of having SAS skills and understand why these skills are in demand in current and future markets. As someone with SAS expertise, here are my top reasons why you should learn SAS. After you go through them I am sure you will agree with me.


1. You will be impressed if you try to search for “SAS Jobs” online. Your search is sure to turn up many current job listings that require a variety of SAS expertise. Since, SAS emerges as a key research data analysis tool, it is in demand in the market. Every company is looking for SAS resources.



2. The big advantage of learning SAS is that it is a fourth generation language. It is fun learning SAS. It provides GUI and an easy way to access multiple applications. It relies on user-written scripts or “programs” that are processed when requested to know what to do. Because it is a script-based application, the key to being successful using SAS is learning the rules and tricks of writing scripts. It works with large data and generate graphs and report.


3.  SAS can read data files created by other statistical packages. SAS allows data files created by SPSS, Excel, Minitab, Stata, Systat, and others to be incorporated into a SAS program directly or through file conversion software. Thus, to experienced users of these statistical packages, SAS presents no threat at all because it is possible to convert data files created by these packages into a SAS file format.



4. Learning SAS will not make you abandon data formats you previously mastered or managed. These formats include those generated and supported by database software such as Oracle, DB2.



5. SAS is versatile and powerful enough to meet your needs in data analyses. SAS is flexible, with a variety of input and output formats. It has numerous procedures for descriptive, inferential, and forecasting types of statistical analyses. Because the SAS System is an integrated system with similar architecture shared by modules or products, once you master one module, you can easily transfer the knowledge to other modules.



6. There is a worldwide electronic network of SAS users which are easy to access. Free SAS resources are available at your fingertips, and you can easily connect with many SAS experts who deliberately and willingly share their SAS knowledge online.



7. SAS solutions are built on a proven intelligence architecture that is open & scalable, allowing seamless integration of processes & platforms. It relies on user-written scripts or “programs” that are processed when requested to know what to do. Because it is a script-based application, the key to being successful using SAS is learning the rule and tricks of writing scripts. It works with large data and generates graphs and report.


8. SAS keeps itself updated with the latest technology. It can easily be integrated and this enhances its usability and flexibility as it can easily interlink with many technologies.


BASE SAS Programming                                                                                                      30hr


Module 1- Introduction to SAS Language                                                                             2hr

  • -What is SAS .
  • -Introduction of SAS Software .
  • -Parts of SAS Window.
  • -Mode of Submitting SAS Program.
  • -Structure of SAS Dataset.
  • -Rules for Variable Name and Dataset.
  • -Types of Variables.
  • -Types of Numeric Variables.
  • -Elements of the SAS Language.

Module 2 – Library , Data Processing Concept and Options                                           4hr

  • '-Types of SAS library.
  • -Creating Library .
  • -Assigning Library.
  • -Create null, temporary and permanent SAS data sets
  • -Phases of Program Processing-Data step processing.
  • -Input buffer and PDV.
  • -Title, Footnotes ,Commenting code, and Label.
  • -Informats and Formats.
  • -Proc Format.
  • -Options .
  • -Year cuttoff options
  • -Control which observations and variables in a SAS data set are processed and output
  • -Questions.

Module 3 –    Reading Raw Files and SAS Data Structure                                                  4hr

  • '-What is Raw Data.
  • -Reading various Raw files.
  • -Types of Inputs .
  • Use of FORMATTED, LIST and COLUMN input to read raw data files
  • -Delimiters
  • -Reading delimited file.
  • -Use INFILE statement options to control processing when reading raw data files
  • -Use various components of an INPUT statement to process raw data files including column and line pointer controls, and trailing @ controls
  • -Creating single records from multiple input row.
  • -_null_ statement
  • -Import and export
  • -Saving log automatically.
  • -Use DATA Step statements to export data to standard and comma delimited raw data files
  • -Questions

Module 4 -   Playing with Data, sorting and Merging Concept                                        4hr

  • '-Sort observations in a SAS data set
  • -Removing Duplicates.
  • -Types of Combining Datasets.
  • -Concept of First.variable and last.variable
  • -Transferring records or copy records from one dataset to another.
  • --Transpose
  • -Questions

Module 5 – SAS Functions                                                                                                            4hr

  • '-SAS Functions
  • -Use SAS functions to manipulate character data, numeric data, and SAS date values.
  • -Use SAS functions to convert character data to numeric and vice versa
  • -Questions

Module 6- SAS Array Concept                                                                                                     3hr

  • '-Concept of SAS Array
  • -Array statement.
  • -Two and Multidimension Array.
  • -Do until and while statement
  • -Questions

Module 7-   Assignment Statement and Manipulating SAS Values                                               4hr

  • '-Conditionally execute SAS statements
  • -Create and manipulate SAS date values
  • -Use assignment statements in the DATA step
  • -Modify variable attributes using options and statements in the DATA step
  • -Accumulate sub-totals and totals using DATA step statements using by statement
  • -Introduction to length and Retain Statements.
  • -Knowing contents of datasets.
  • -Creating and modifying the variables.
  • -Creating Multiple Datasets in single step.
  • -Questions

Module 8-  Debugging SAS Error                                                                                                1hr

  • '-Identify and resolve programming logic errors
  • -Recognize and correct syntax errors
  • -Examine and resolve data errors

Module 9- Creating Various Report using SAS                                                                      4hr        

  • '-Generate list reports using the PRINT and REPORT procedures
  • -Generate summary reports and frequency tables using base SAS procedures
  • -Generate HTML reports using ODS statements
  • -Enhance reports through the use of labels, SAS formats, user-defined formats, titles, footnotes and SAS System reporting options
  • -Questions



Advance SAS Programming                                                                                                          20hr

Module 10  -    Working with Proc SQL and its Concept                                                    8hr

  • '-Generate summary reports by working with a single table or joining tables using PROC SQL and the appropriate options
  • -Construct sub queries within a PROC SQL step
  • -Compare solving a problem using the SQL procedure versus using traditional SAS programming techniques
  • -Access Dictionary Tables using the SQL procedure
  • -Demonstrate advanced PROC SQL skills by creating and updating tables, updating data values, working with indexes using the macro interface/creating macro variables with SQL, defining integrity   constraints, SQL views and SET operators

Module 11 -    Understanding with SAS Macro Processing                                               8hr                                                                              

  •   Concept of SAS Macro'
  • -Creating and using user defined and automatic macro variables within the SAS macro Language 
  •   -Automate programs by defining and calling macros using the SAS macro Language
  •   -Understand the use of macro functions
  •   -Recognize various system options that are available


Module 12 –Advanced Programming Techniques                                                              4hr

  • '-Demonstrate advanced data set processing techniques such as updating master data sets, transposing data, combining/merging data, sampling data, using generation data sets, integrity constraints and audit trails
  • -Reduce the space required to store SAS data sets and numeric variables within SAS data sets by using compression techniques, length statements or DATA step views
  • -Develop efficient programs by using advanced programming techniques such as permanent formats and array processing
  • -Use SAS System options and SAS data set options for controlling memory usage
  • -Control the processing of variables and observations in the DATA step
  • -Create sorted or indexed data in order to avoid unnecessary sorts, eliminate duplicate data and to provide more efficient data access and retrieval
  • -Use PROC DATASETS to demonstrate advanced programming skills (e.g. renaming columns, displaying metadata, creating indexes, creating integrity constraints, creating audit trails)                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                

Fee Payment Plan :

GST : @ 18% 

          Payment Plan

             Total Fee

       Registration Fee

         1st Instalment

        2nd Instalment

            Lump sum

        20000/- + GST

         5000/- + GST

         15000/- + GST



        22000/- + GST

         5000/- + GST

         8000/-   + GST

           9000/- +GST

In Lump Sum   

1st Intsallment    : Need to be Paid 2 Days Before the 1st Session.

In Installment 

1st Intsallment    : Need to be Paid 2 Days Before the 1st Session.

2nd Installment   : Need to be Paid in 7th Session .

1. HR Session By Industry Expert 

     Involves -

     A) Linkedin Account Updation & Usage Training 

         1) To Increase the Connection with HR People in the Industry where  Hiring Keeps Coming of Your profile.

         2) To Connect with Managers / Heads  under whom the You People Work.

         3) Searching Jobs on LinekdIn and Connecting to HR Directly .

         4) How to come on Top 10 pages in Linkedin Search By HR/Consultants for ther openings .

     B) How to Optimize your account in Job Portals to come on the top 5 Pages of the Search via HR/Consultants to get maximum calls from the industry based on your profile.

     C) Preparing for the HR Round and Negotiation to finally grab the Best Possible Offer in the Industry .

          *Because Most of the Time we never Get to Know when Technical Round was Cleared, why we did not get confirmation from HR after the HR Round .

           Rather We get replies - I will get Back to you , I will Call You back , We will let you know , The Positon is on Hold due to some reasons.

2Resume Building  Assistance to get maximum Interview calls based on your existing experience and Knowledge Acquired during the Skill Enhancement training .

    For This Particular Service we expect Our Students to have at least 65% Technical Soundness in the Assessment tests conducted during the sessions and after the session.

3. Job Assistance for Candidates Scored More than 65% during our Assessments in following ways.

     A) Sharing Job Openings Directly to Candidates via sms /what’s App / Mail as per the JD and Candidates Profile.

     B) Sending for Interviews where HR/Consultants asked us to send Candidates directly for the Technical Round based on the JD.

     c) Connecting Students and HR/Consultants on Linekdin Directly as requested by them .

Our Trainers provide complete freedom to the students, to explore the subject and learn based on real-time examples. Our trainers help the candidates in completing their projects and even prepare them for interview questions and answers. Candidates are free to ask any questions at any time.

  • More than 14+ Years of Experience.
  • Trained more than 142+ students in a year.
  • Strong Theoretical & Practical Knowledge.
  • Certified Professionals with High Grade.
  • Expert level Subject Knowledge and fully up-to-date on real-world industry applications.
  • Trainers have Experienced on multiple real-time projects in their Industries.
  • Our Trainers are working in multinational companies such as CTS,APollo , Amercan express , TCS, HCL Technologies, ZOHO, Birlasoft, IBM, Microsoft, HP, Scope, Philips Technologies etc


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  • Unitedhealth Group
  • Fidelity Investments Pvt Ltd
  • Exl Service.com ( i ) Pvt Ltd
  • Wunderman India Pvt Ltd
  • Rbs The Royal Bank Of Scotland
  • British telecom
  • Aon Hewitt Pvt Ltd(OPTUM)
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  • Cognizant Technology Solutions
  • Concentrix Daksh Services India Pvt. Ltd
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