Website Re-Designing

Design by Testing

Most companies do abrupt site refreshes. They don’t make any changes for extended periods and then change a ton of stuff all at once. Crossing their fingers, they push the site live and hope that the new version outperforms the old site.

This approach wastes a ton of hours in debate and creation and hinges entirely on your ability to guess how your customers will respond to your site.

At "THE SCHOLAR", we practice “Design by Testing.” In other words, your site gradually improves and changes as we test to learn what works. With each new test, the winning experience is hard coded into the site and the site evolves to be better and better.

Making your site new over time with good design and testing is not only fun, it’s also amazingly profitable.

A Redesign You Can Trust

When done right, a site redesign can dramatically improve conversion rate. However, the typical “revolutionary site redesign” often does more harm than good. By using Design By Evolution, you get all the benefits of a redesign without the risks of overhauling your site.

Design By Evolution has two major advantages over the classic site redesign approach:

Generally speaking, overhauling a site takes an enormous amount of time and effort. In contrast, continuously site improvements can be accomplished quickly and efficiently.

Why Use Design By Evolution?

Design By Evolution is a process of constant testing and optimization. You get the update you need based on the site changes that drive profit for your business.

At "THE SCHOLAR", we’ve used Design By Evolution to help companies succeed in a wide range of markets. We’ve seen it work over and over again and we are confident in our ability to design your site for success.

If you’re looking for an evolutionary breakthrough in site performance and profitability, contact us today!


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